Account Managers

Robyn Tikia 

Robyn is highly knowledgeable in areas of Health, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability, and Wellness plans and has a solid medical background. Robyn works mainly with basic actuarial services for larger self-funded groups. She serves as a team leader responsible for ongoing work. She has the primary role in providing strategic planning, overseeing client relations, and managing our team of resources.

Linda Montero

Linda ensures that clients receive the best possible service at all times from the professionals and resources at our firm. In addition to conducting various renewal calculations, Linda also engages in daily interaction with human resource and benefits management personnel as well as carrier/vendor interaction and transition management. Linda specializes in 401(k) and pension products.

Melissa Hiller 

With a strong research background, Melissa finds the most cost-effective proposals that best serve our clients. She provides daily support in such areas as resolution of escalated issues, carrier liaison activities, employee communications, and assistance in the implementation of wellness strategies.

Kathryn Frankola

Before transitioning to employee benefits in 2015, Kathryn worked in scientific research and also has a medical background.  While she, like all of the Account Managers, works with all lines of coverage on a daily basis, her particular forte within the office is Worksite benefits, and she will often help the other Account Mangers obtain Worksite quotes for their clients and compare potential plans.

The Account Managers’ functions include (but are not limited to):

  • Acting as liaison between clients and carriers
  • Completing daily administrative duties
  • Answering any benefit questions clients may have
  • Preparing bid specifications
  • Preparing renewals and presenting them in an easy-to-read format
  • Reviewing Plan Documents and Certificates to ensure accuracy and compliance with ERISA
  • Gathering and analyzing client data for utilization review
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and yearly reports
  • Assisting clients with enrollments
  • Preparing benefit presentations
  • Conducting employee meetings when necessary
  • Customizing handouts and/or enrollment forms for clients
  • Preparing individual quotes
  • Working directly with underwriters
  • Troubleshooting potential issues
  • Ensuring a smooth transition for clients in the event of changes
  • Negotiating discounts on a case by case basis
  • Reviewing data for network analysis, utilization and corresponding discounts
  • Distributing healthcare industry updates
  • Preventive Care/Wellness Communication Materials

Although each Account Manager is responsible for her own block of business, there is open communication between all staff members to ensure proper procedures and policies are implemented.

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