“I have worked with Rina for 11 yrs. I can honestly say her work ethic is of the highest standard and she always delivers in a timely and organized manner. Rina goes above and beyond without fail and without having to be prompted. She is someone you can count on to bring you the best products at the best prices. I have worked with other insurance brokers and can honestly say, they could not hold a candle to the level of service Rina – and her staff at Tikia Consulting Group have provided.” – Rebekah Fontenot, CEBS, PHR, Employee Benefits & Workers Compensation Manager, Amerisafe, Inc.

“Rina is hands down one of the best insurance agents I know. She is dedicated to her profession and fights hard for her clients. Rina is focused and persistent in her pursuit for success. She knows what she wants and will not let anything or anyone stand in her way. I have been honored to work with Rina while she was President of the New Orleans Association of Health Underwriters. The quality and experience she brings to the table is refreshing. It is a joy and privilege to know and work with Rina. I am very blessed that our paths have crossed.” – Trish Freeman, State President, Louisiana Association of Health Underwriters

“Rina is awesome!!!!  She is down to business, detail oriented, will tell you honestly what she thinks, and cares about everything she puts her hands to. Especially her clients.
We are both chapter presidents for the National Association of Health Underwriters. I get to work with her on a regular basis and I always look forward to being in the same room with Rina. Her incredible success is a direct result of her great work ethic and personal service she provides to her customers. I wish I had more customers I could refer to Rina because I know she will always take care of them.” – Irby Chatelain, District Sales Coordinator, Aflac

“HM Insurance Group has worked with Rina for many years and consider her a top partner. She has always been a great negotiator and worked transparently to serve her groups while maintaining a great reputation within HM. We have always felt Rina was on the cutting edge regarding benefits and we look forward to continuing our partnership.” – Michael Sullivan, President/ COO, HM Insurance Group

“I have worked with Rina and her firm for the past 3+ years at Dearborn National.  She has also qualified for our Sales Leaders Conferences for each of these years. Rina is a very solid business partner, and an individual who is extremely bright with regard to the Employee Benefits marketplace. We have relied on Rina to share market place trends and recommendations on Plan Design features that may be important to employers and employees. It has been a pleasure to work with her and get her input.” – Tony Trani, President & CEO, AF Trani Consulting

“I have known Rina for years and she is a broker that stays on top of the changing world of employee benefits. She is a great resource for me as she is plugged in to the marketplace and her clients needs. She has a positive, can do attitude that is tireless.” – Chip Huffman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dental Network of America

“I met Rina when she attended a conference I spoke at. I immediately recognized her high energy and creativity. She has a passion for her work and I would reccommend hiring her. Doug” – Doug Lipp, Speaker and Author, “Disney U”

“I have worked with Rina for the past 10 years. She has the unique ability to manage many projects/clients while still delivering superior results. She is extremely knowledgable about all aspects of the employee benefit business and translates that into positive results and cost savings for her clients. She has a high level of integrity and always delivers on her promises.” – Brad Gary, Regional Sales Manager, Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

“I worked with Rina Tikia at the New Orleans Association of Health Underwriters annual benefits expo and was totally impressed with her organizational skills. She booked me as the keynote speaker months in advance, paid great attention to minute details and answered questions in a timely professional manner. Rina is not only a leader in the health care industry but she’s also a joy to know!” – Theresa Behenna, Professional speaker, Theresa Talks

“I have worked with Rina every year since 2006, and she has delivered unfailingly excellent work and good results. She was always good at making alternate providers and benefits packages available. Her analysis was always thorough and easy to follow. I thought she delivered great value for the cost and was a real asset to the benefits program.” – Todd Walker, Experienced Corporate, Securities, Transactional, and Governance Attorney

“I have worked with Rina over the past several years through the Louisiana Association of Health Underwriters. She has traveled with me to Washington, DC to lobby on Capitol Hill for the past several years. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the insurance industry and remains current on all law changes that effect her clients. I would recommend Rina Tikia to handle your employee benefits.” – Ronnell Nolan, President/CEO, Health Agents for America, Louisiana Association of Health Underwriters

“I have worked wth Rina over the last 20 plus years in the insurance market place. She is one of the most dedicated detailed professionals I have met in this industry over that time period. As an entrepreneur her successes I believe have come from her hardwork, detailed knowledge and high regard for ethics. As an experienced professional Rina does keep a very high regard for family values. These values are what I believe drive her competitive spirit. It has been an honor to be part of her team of partners and would highly recommend her as someone you might partner with.” – Tom McMaken, Vice President, HealthSmart

“I can’t think of many people who have dedicated themselves so deeply to their profession as Rina. Honestly, I don’t think she ever rests. She is extremely devoted to her clients and tireless in her pursuit of knowledge. Those traits are exactly why she was a finalist for Broker of the Year. When I have a question on employee benefits, Rina is my go-to person.” – Charlie Hults, Director of Business Development, Partners Rx Management, LLC

“Rina has been a friend and business associate for many years. She is the ultimate professional, always looking out for her client’s best interest. She knows her products and provides excellent service to her clientele. I am always excited to have an opportunity to work with Rina and her staff.” – Bill Cook, Owner/General Agent, Insurance Resources

“I have known Rina for a VERY long time. I must make this comment: I don’t know how Rina didn’t get the Broker of the year honor. She is Wonder Woman of the insurance world. I can’t say enough good things about her. I truly appreciate her allowing me to partner with her as a Carrier Rep and earn business with her. She is truly dedicated to her customers and I have enjoyed working with her. Thank you Rina for making me a better person!” – Prent Castle, Broker Development Coordinator, Aflac

“I have had the opportunity to work with Rina for several years through her involvement with the National Association of Health Underwriters and its state and local affiliates in Louisiana. She is one of the most knowledgeable agents/brokers about the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and has a uniquely sophisticated understanding about the law and its impacts on both the the insurance marketplace and her clients’ unique needs. Rina’s ongoing engagement in the important state and federal health reform issues serves her colleagues and clients in the ever-evolving health market well. She continues to serve with distinction and grace, and it is a distinct honor to work with such a quintessential professional.” – Michael Keegan, Public Affairs Consultant, Health Insurance Agents for America, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rina for quite some time. Her industry knowledge, underwriting skills, as well as her ability to successfully create premium savings through creative benefit designs for her clients, qualifies her as an expert in the field of self funding. Her expertise in self funding is a contributing component to her broad based knowledge in the field of employee benefits. It is a pleasure working with Rina and her entire team.” – Steve Illions, Regional Sales Manager, Bardon Insurance Group

“I have known Rina for more than 5 years and have witnessed the quality of her work. For people looking for an advisor with attention to detail, creative thought and integrity I would highly recommend Rina. Few benefit advisors know more than Rina when it comes to the rules and regulations surrounding benefit management and the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” – Mel Schlesinger, Teaches salespeople, coaches, consultants and network marketers how to wow prospects and close more sales

“We all have friends. Sometimes we have truly special friends. Rina Tikia is a special friend! I’ve known Rina for several years. This very intelligent dynamo of energy, so knowledgeable in the medical field of group insurance and the ancillary products that provide a well rounded portfolio of coverage for the insurance consuming public, is also well versed in Wellness programs, necessary to help us continue to work to bring down the high cost of health-care.

Rina’s dedication to the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and her unstinting and immeasurable support to her national association is evidence of Rina’s unselfish desire to help better the lives of her peers, and most importantly, of the American Public.

Having Rina in my life, is a blessing.” – Spencer Lehmann, RHU, Entrepreneur

“Rina Tikia helped me get insurance I could afford until I was eligible for Medicare. I’ll always appreciate it.” – Sue Pratt, Owner, Sue Pratt Enterprises

15 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. I operate a small business and it is difficult at times to find a broker who will spend the necessary quality time with you. Sixteen years ago I contacted Rina Tikia when we first decided as a company to provide medical insurance benefits for our company. From the start it was easy to see and to this day I still believe it was probably the best business decision I have made. I have not found a more intelligent person in her field who truly cares for those she services. When my own daughter was in a terrible auto accident, it was Rina who brought me and my family so much calm reassuring us that all will be just fine. Three years later I look back on that time and I am truly grateful for having Rina not as a broker but as a true loving and caring friend. She portrays all the elements of a true professional! – Jeffrey A. Cavell

  2. It’s always a pleasure working with Rina and her team. Rina has a pulse on her clients needs and knows how to position them in the marketplace. Her clients should(and I’m sure do) feel at ease with her by their side. You can sense Rina truly cares and loves what she does!

    -Cory Dueitt

  3. I have worked with Rina Tikia and the Tikia Consulting Group almost since its inception. In those years, I have been continually impressed by Rina’s dedication to providing her clients the highest level of service. She is intensely knowledgeable and continually educates herself in the ever changing area in which she operates. She stays connected to the important legislative issues that impact the healthcare industry and uses that knowledge to enrich her clients. She listens and anticipates her customers’ needs, crafting strategies that enable them to provide the best plan designs at the most cost effective rates. She does all this while exemplifying the highest degree of integrity and ethical behavior. She’s a smart lady and the consummate business person. I have been honored to work with her. – Kim Kerr

  4. I have known Rina for over 20 years in t he insurance industry. During my lengthy time working with her, she is not only one of the hardest working consultants that I have worked with, but one of the smartest. She is relentless at finding solutions for prospects and her clients. She has not only become a great friend of mine, but a mentor and a contributing force of my success. I could go on and on about her, but at the end of the day she is just awesome.

  5. Rina Tikia is a tremendously successful Consultant who has been representing and serving her clients for many years.
    Imagine a lady coming into south Louisiana, from India, without any real local connections and having the fabulous business that she herself built.She does this by being persistent,creative, loyal and extremely hardworking.

    Rina is as driven today as she was 10 years ago when I first met her, and that is simply how Rina ROLLS.
    The hours that she and her staff dedicate to representing and servicing their clients make Tikia Consulting one of the premier independent consultive agencies in the entire region.

    Rina is a friend of mine as well as the entire Insurance industry, and she gives back to us as much as she gets for her clients.
    Continued success Rina!

  6. I’ve worked with Rina in conjunction with our professional association for many years. She has always given her time and expertise to better the chapter and the industry. I know she is as equally dedicated to her clients. She is extremely knowledgeable and consistently up-to-date on all of the laws and regulations. She always advocates for her clients and is there when you need her help. – Jennifer Toups, New Orleans AHU

  7. I have worked with Rina Tikia for the better part of 20 years. Rina’s ability to “think outside the box”, using her industry knowledge and underwriting skills, has helped us provide our employees with a balanced plan design that provides cost effective benefits. Rina’s understanding of the law and it’s impact on the benefits we provide to our employees is one of her major strengths. I value my relationship with Rina and her entire staff. – J.M.

  8. Rina and her team are true professionals. I have had the pleasure to work with them on a few worksite offerings for their clients. They always due their due diligence to make sure their clients benefits needs are met and are affordable to their employees. She knows her clients needs in and out and always takes the extra time to make sure that they are getting the best service, benefit and pricing available. I have enjoyed the opportunities to work with them and always have learned something about the business every time I am in Rina’s presence.

  9. I have worked with Rina for 7 years. She became our broker when we were really in trouble. Over the years we have sought bids from other brokers (not because we were unhappy with her, but because of co. policy) and we always stay with Rina. Rina always comes in with the best cost and best package for our needs. She is more than a numbers person in terms of proposing a package and has the needs of the employees in mind and well as the company budget. She know benefits like the back of her hand and you can ask her anything. Costs are hurting us all nowadays. Many times I have called Rina and said “we need magic, you need to pull a rabbit out of your hat.” And guess what…she does (compared to what others have been able to offer). Rina has also become a great friend and I believe we are more than just a client to her!

  10. I have had the pleasure of working with Rina over a span of nearly four decades. During this time I worked with her as an insurance industry representative for six years and as a client for three different organizations the balance of the time. Rina has always designed our plans to best match our organizations’ needs. She has consistently brought to the table cost saving ideas without compromising the integrity of our plans nor diminishing benefits for our employees. When needed, her intersession on our behalf with carriers, TPA, Case Managers etc., has always enabled us to serve our covered employees expeditiously and appropriately. In all these years, I have never had a phone call unreturned by Rina. Tikia Consulting, through Rina’s leadership, is truly the standard by which other firms, both large and small, should measure themselves.

  11. I have known Rina , as long as I can remember, and can easily vouch for the professional and competent manner in which, she has overcome the challenges that she has encountered over the years, to attain the position and success that is rightfully hers. In her pursuance of excellence she has left ‘no stone unturned’ to deliver on her commitments in service and time lines. She has an eye for detail and peruses every minute aspect with utmost care and attention. I have rarely seen such dedication and commitment , which has enabled her to reach the pinnacle of success in the Insurance arena.
    I have had the privilege to be associated with Rina and her family both socially and professionally and would like to commend the manner and ease with which she has been able to balance her time and her commitments between both, with utmost perfection.
    Rina is a thorough professional in pursuit of excellence. She is transparent , upright ,ethical and displays a high sense of propriety and integrity in her dealings with her clients. She is sharp on the uptake , immediately grasps the essentials of a problem, considers various options and presents simple and workable solutions , which workout to be in the overall interest of the client. Her expertise in the self funded market is of an exceptionally high order which enables her to design creative models and solutions as per the need of the hour. Her due diligence, experience and hard work has ensured that her solutions are always viable and productive in the long run.
    Rina has already been, deservingly awarded the ‘Broker of the Year ‘ for her achievements and am certain that with the trust of her clients and the respect of her peers she is likely to achieve this feat many more times in the years to come.
    In sum, she is a ‘Go Getter’ and I would love to continue to interact with her professionally and socially.

  12. Tikia Consulting exemplifies professionalism. They are an asset to their clients and from a vendor partner perspective they are wonderful to work with. The level of detail and the industry knowledge within the group as a whole actually helped us improve our internal processes. Speaking for our entire team, we wish all broker/consultants we work with performed like Tikia.

  13. I have know RIna for over 10 years. I am impressed by her dedication to servicing her clients. Rina is great at strategizing with her clients in order to find the correct solution to their needs. Her hands on approach is second to none. She will always be successful in whatever endeavor she pursues. It has been a privilege to work with Rina over the years. It has been a greater privilege to become her friend.

  14. I’ve known Rina for 16 years, Rina has been both the most knowledgeable and hardest working person in the broker community. Rina strives to provide her clients with best in class service and solutions. Rina is hands down the best in business.

  15. I have known Rina for a few years now. I can attest to her fortitude and diligence in reference to her clients well being. Rina is an industry leader, well versed in all aspects of group and voluntary benefits. It is a pleasure to call her a colleague and friend. Any group would be well served by consulting Rina regarding employee benefits. She has the experience, knowledge, and strength to serve them well. She is someone you want on your team.

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